Common problems on Refrigerators, Freezers or Fridge


We are very confident about every home, or at least almost every home in the United States have a type of refrigerator, could be a small cu ft mini fridge, or a large Top mount, Side by Side or Frenchdoor refrigerator with an icemaker. If you have any of these type of fridges believe me, someday you will face problems with them. When these appliances fail, you would definitely need the help of a specialized certified technician, since this type of appliances requires a special certification from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), if you are going to work into the Sealed System of the refrigerator, which includes the compressor, drier filter, evaporator coils, condenser coils, and the refrigerator, which on most refrigerator nowaday would be R-134. They used to have R-22 but the EPA has banned that type of refrigerant, also know as Freon. Some high-end appliances are using r-410a which is the refrigerator most air conditioner units used. This makes the a more enery efficient refrigerator. 

Like we mentioned before, the sealed system, also know as gas system, included he compressor assembly, and all the copper tubing and aluminum tubing that makes the evaporator coils. You need a special certification if you want to work on the sealed system. High fines are paid to those who work sealed system and are not certified. You might want to know why? Freon gas is the most harmful substance to the ozone layer, due to its chlorine content. So a certified technician needs to know how to handle these refrigerants, how to recover, dispose and recharge without allowing his gas to escape to the atmostphere. Our technicians at Mr Rogers Appliances are fully certified to work any type of appliance. Give us a call to get more information on our Refrigerator Repair Service. We repair all major brands and we offer a strong warranty on every repair. 

If you want to learn some basics on how refrigeration works on domestic or residential fridges we can share some knowledge. We can say there are two types of refrigeration used on residential appliances. Falling air and forced air, and its very important to know the differences if you want to know where to look at. 

Falling Air  Refrigerators

The term "falling air" talks about refrigerator by the effect of "falling" air from the evaporator. 

This really isn't that efficient but it is very reliable as it minimizes the use of moving parts and is very old technology, but also very robust. One of the big problems is that you get temperature differentials between the bottom, where the cold air falls to first, and the top where the heat rises to. It also means that when you open the door, either fridge or freezer, that the cold air at the bottom rushes out making the unit work hard again to re-establish the correct temperature.

Manual defrosting is a must in any unit using this system that has any freezing capability.

These units are normally controlled by a single simple thermostat although electronics are increasingly being employed to improve the efficiency somewhat.

Forced Air Refrigerators And Freezers


It means the air will pass through the evaporator coils to get heat removed. Refrigeration works by removing the heat from substances. In this case you will get cold air by having the heat removed from the air falling into the evaporator coils. The evaporator coils is the tubing where the refrigerator evaporates. When freon evaporates, it absorbs heat, so that's why you will feel the coils very  cold.

The term "Forced air" means where the air is "forced", usully by a fan, also know as the evaporator fan motor, the air is forced into the evaporator coils and then into the refrigerator or freezer. The effect is almost the same to having a blast of cold air. This method is used in the frost-free refrigerator. Though they are not completely frost free, since over time there is ice build up in the evaporator coils. So the refrigerator needs to have a sort of defrost cycle at least every 24 hours.

So most of the times and one of the common issues of a refrigerator will be the defrost cycle, which involves a defrost timer, or electronic defrost board, a bimetal thermostat, the heating element, and sometimes a sensor or thermistor. 

So it's necessary the refrigerator goes periodically into a defrost cycle. This will be determined by the defrost timer, which could be a 8-hr , 12-hr or 16hr timer. The defrost cycle will run multiple times, to make sure the refrigerator does not have ice build up, since this ice build up can create blockages and prevent the air to flow freely. If a unit has a defrost cycle, the temperatures will go down over time. 

Safety First When Repairing Fridges And Freezers

If you want an expert refrigerator repair technician give us a call at Mr Rogers Appliances, which serve All Greenville and Greer Area. We can guarantee you will receive a top quality service, at an affordable and fair price and wih the strongest warranty in town.

We consider refrigerators as a danger, or emergency, and you might consider it the same too. 

If you refrigerator is not working properly, then your food might bo bad. If the food starts to decompose, bacteria and mold can start to build up. In order to extend the lifetime of your groceries, you need to have the refrigerator at ideal temperature, which are on the freezer side between 0 - 10 Fareneheit, and the refrigerator side between 35 - 39 Degrees Farenheit. This temperatures slows the degradation of the food and maximize their lifetime. If you don't fix your refrigerator on time, you risk to lose your food, and risk your health.

If by any reason your freezer defrost, lost temperatures and the food is "soft", you have already lost the groceries. You can't refreeze it again, since it degraded and mmost likely bacteria build up. This could be a disease risk with some foods, specially on meats, such as poultry and fish.

Common Refrigerator & Fridge Freezer Issues

Fridge or freezer freezing everything

To start, if you live in a city where there is lot of humidity, this could be a cause. If the refrigerator door is not closed properly, humidity can come into the unit, this humidity will eventually freeze and creates an ice build up. Either way, it can also be related to a mechanical or electrical failure. We can say this is a common issue in refrigerators.

The most simple refrigerators are control by a contro thermostat, which can easily be checked with a multimeter. This electro mechanic components are no so complex. It just turns on and off the unit when it reaches to certain temperature. So a faulty thermostat can cause the unit not to turn on, or keep a compressor running all the time. Most of the times is very simple to replace this components in the refrigerator. Is very common to find mechanical thermostats in refrigerators, but as technology progress, this are bein replaced with electronic control boards and thermistors, also known as sensors. If you don't feel condifent about diagnosing a faulty thermostat or control board, call Mr Rogers Appliances from Greenville and get an expert refrigerator technician do it for you. Is very easy to get confused on this one, so don't take the risk. 

If you really want to do it yourself, it is very important to know when replacing the thermostat, not to kink or break the vial. This vial contains a special substance which expands and contracts with temperature changes, and this makes the fridge thermostat work. You could check the following:

Refrigerator door gaskets, worn out, loose or not closing properly.

Control thermostat or control board shorted.

Freezer Door not sealing correctly

Cabinet problems, also known as insulation problems.

Restriction in evaporator coils, also know as freon line.

If you need an expert technician to assess your appliance situation in professional manner, you can Call Mr Rogers Appliance Repair from Greenville, Greer SC and an appliance specialist will be there to help you. 

Fridge not cooling properly.

The first component to check would be the control thermostat, since a thermostat failure will cause the refrigerator to not turn on at all of overfreeze the unit, causing an ice build up in the air vents going to the refrigerator side. However, a thermostat failure is not very common in a refrigerator. You can check if the compressor is running, or completely off.

Compressor Assembly Shorted

Compressor PTC

Compressor relay / overload kit

Control Thermostat

Electronic control board shorted

Thermistor or sensor shorted

If the refrigerator is cooling but not cooling enough, there's a chance that you have a restriction in the freon line. This means that there is a blockage in the evaporator coils, preventing the freon gas, or refrigerant, to flow freely. The refrigerator needs to evaporate completely in he evaporator coils to start absorbing heat through th coils. You can also have a freon leak, and the unit could be low on refrigerant. Even though a freon leak its an issue you will notice gradually, unless there is physical damage in he copper pipes.

You could try to diagnose this yourself, but this is an experts area, but the reasons of failure could be the following.

Unit low on refrigerant, most likely on appliances under a year old.

Restriction in evaporator coils, blockage in freon line.

Refrigerant valve on dual evaporator refrigerators

Compressor not working properly. Working weak Usually on refrigerators older than 8 years) 

Freezer side not cooling, not freezing.


SThis issue is very similar to the issue described above. So if you have a freezer no cooling enough it might be the same happening to the refrigerator side.

Mr Rogers refrigerator expert technicians can also help you repair your refrigerator in Greenville, Greer, Taylors area. 

Refrigerator has bad odor

We can mention several reasons a refrigerator can have a bad odor. So before touching any component we highly recommend you to call an appliance techncian to assis you. You can call Mr Rogers Appliances to have an specialist assist you in Greenville, Greer, Mauldin, Taylors and Surrounding Areas. 

 Refrigerator leaking water underneath

On non freezing unit, also know as self defrosting refrigetor. whenever the unit goes into defrost cyle, the ice build up created in the evaporator coils melts. This water is drained though a pipe also know as the drain pipe. If this drain pipe is clogged, then every time the unit goes into defrost cycle, the drain will overflow.

The drain pipe can be clogged by small pieces of food, or even dust or dirt. You can see a hole in the freezer side. This hole needs to be cleared since the water is drain through it.

What happens is that the water runs forward and produces a "leak from the fridge" and this is the most common reason for it by far.

Of course there are other possible reasons as well including:

Cabinet problems 

Defrost tray overfilled or damaged

Defective water filter or filter housing

At Mr Rogers Appliance Repair we can definitely help you fix the leaking refrigerator. Give us a call. 

I made a small hole while removing ice from the unit and is not cooling now, what's wrong?

Bad news, but your refrigerator / freezer has just died.  

We have seen this happened before, and there's not much we could do to save it. If you go with a sharp or metal to defrost the refrigartor there is a high chance you can pierce the pipe in the refrigerator. If you pierce the pipes, the refrigerator will go out. And without refrigerant the unit won't cool at all.

If you have this issue with your appliance, there's not much you can do to save your appliance. 

We can say that if you have a French Door Type refrigerator, such as GE, Maytag, Electrolux, Whirlpool or other major brands, it might be worth it to try to save it. Usually this repairs are over $ 200 with no way to guarantee to unit will work properly. 

The Refrigerator has condensation build up around.

T You will notice this is a very common issue in Top Mount Refrigerators. Is what is known as the "anti-condensate" line, a line of hot refrigerant that flows behind the door division to stop condensation forming at the door seal.

To prevent this from happening we would recommend you to improve the room temperature.


Refrigerator freezer is very noisy

The reason for a noisy refrigerator is very limited to a couple of components. Since the only moving parts the refrigerator has is the evaporator fan motor, the condensator fan motor and the compressor itself. 

Some refrigerators will also have a damper motor, which makes noise when moving to. Though the most common reason a fan will make noise would be caused by ice build up in the freezer section. This ice build up would cause the fan blades to produce a screeching noise. So this could be related to the cooling section. Could be a shorted control thermostat. It could also be caused by a defective defrost system. Usually the components involved in the defrost system is the heating element, thermistor, bimetal thermostat, and timer defrost or electronic defrost board.

You need to also check if there is humidity coming into the refrigerator, since this can also cause the ice buildup. So also check if the refrigerator doors are closing properly. If humidity starts to come into the freezer section, this will create ice the fan blades will hit when moving.


Evaporator Fan motor shorted

Ice build up, fan blade hitting the ice

Thermostat shorted causing the freezer to overfreeze 

Air vents frosted

Compressor defective – noisy operation

If you have this refrigerator problem you need to call an appliance certified technician from Mr Rogers Appliances. 

My Freezer has lots of ice build up?

We recommend you to see previous section.

Check the following components;

Evaporator fan motor shorted

Ice build up, fan blades hitting ice build up

Control thermostat shorted causing ice build up

Air vents frosted, blocked or obstructed 

 Refrigerator side not cooling enough

This is a very common issue on Side by Side refrigeraors, but can also happen with any other fridge that works with fan motors. The cold air is pulled from the freezer and drawn into the refrigerator side.

Evaporator fan motor shorted

Ice build up, fan blades touching the ice

Thermostat failure

Electronics failure

Compressor weak

Need to fix your refrigerator? Call Mr. Rogers Appliances now 

Fridge freezer not working at all

This is very easy to diagnose for the technician, but often not for do it yourselfers.

First of all, check the electricity. Make sure the outlet and fuses are ok. If everything looks fine check the following.

Compressor Shorted

Electronic Control Board defective

Compressor overload

Compressor relay kit

Terminal block, power cord.

If you need a certified EPA technician to help you with your faulty fridge call Mr Rogers Appliances of Greenville, Greer.  

Fridge Freezer Icemaker not working

On this refrigerator issue you need to be very careful. Most technicians out there will tell you to replace everything. And of course,as a professional technician this is not the real world scenario. A certified technician such as Mr Rogers Appliances staff, will be able to determine which is the source of the problem.

If you see no water at all in the icemaker tray, most likely you are dealing with a shorted water valve. But not always the problems is the water valve, it could also be an expired filter, or a clogged filter housing. 

Usually ice makers assemblies are simple components. Unfortunately manufacturers are now using electronics in the icemaker too. Making these repairs slightly more expensive.

This doesn't mean the icemaker can't go bad itself, but is a rare scenario. When they don't have electronics they are usually reliable parts.

If your Icemaker is not working and you want to fix it you can call Mr Rogers anytime to get an appliance expert assist you. 

Where do I get a water filter for my fridge freezer?

Call Mr Rogers Appliances and we will gladly help you get a new water filter. 

Bottle holder broken in fridge

Call Mr Rogers Appliances and we will gladly help you fix you bottle holder. 

Glass shelf in fridge broken

Call Mr Rogers Appliances and we will gladly help you get a glass shelf. 




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