Troubleshooting On Laundry - Washers / Washing Machines

Common Washer (Washing Machine) Problems


We are very confident that almost every house in the United States has a washer. It makes our life easier and most of us use it at least once a week. This appliances doesn't last forever, someday they start having issues or problems that doesn't allow the washer work properly. The real question would be how long can this appliances work before breaking down. How much would it cost to fix the washer at this point. When you get into this situation, Mr Rogers is ready to help you by offering you a top quality appliance repair service in Greenville, Greer, Spantarburg and Surrounding Areas. Don't allow a faulty washer to break your daily routine. Our washing machine certified technicians can help you repair your faulty washer at a reasonable and affordable price, and the best part, you can have peace of mind, since we offer a very strong warranty on every repair. If you don't have a service agreement or maintenance agreement for your appliances it's very possible you will have washer problems in the future

Below you will find a list Mr Rogers wrote for you to be able to identify some common washer issues you may have at home. We offer washer repair service of all major brands to Greenville, Greer, Taylors, Mauldin, Fountain Inn, Simpsonville, Spartanburg and Surrounding Area in South Carolina. For a list of brands we service click here.

Washer Issue / Problem # 1 - Washer not turning on, not starting, no power

With so many components involved in the operation of a washer, there could be several faulty components. You would need to start a diagnostic test methodically. So start with the power source. Make sure the washer is getting around 110 volts and that any fuse involve is ok. You can test fuses by using a multimeter and testing the continuity. After making sure the electricity for the washing machine has no problems, check the following.

Drain Pump 

Door latch / Door lock assembly

Main wiring harness cable & terminal block connections

Main power switch

Control PCB (Main Control Board) and User Interface

If you feel you need an expert appliance technician to fix your washer machine not turning on or starting just call Mr Rogers. 

Washer Issue Problem #2 - Washing machine not draining or is noisy on drain

Most of the time the cause of this issue is related to the drain pump, could be shorted or clogged. So check the following:

Drain pump Clogged or Blockage

Drain pump Shorted / Defective

Drain Hose clogged, Drain pipe Clogged

Sump hose blocked

Object in drain pump

Unit unbalanced, poor flooring or bad installation

If you need a technician to diagnose your washing machine that is not draining properly or performs a noisy operation, call Mr Rogers Appliance Repair Service. 

Washer Issue - Problem #3 - Washer machine noisy when running

See above, the section for "Washer not draining", a drain pump shorted, as this can cause a very annoying noise from the washer, especially when something is stucked in the washer drain pump.

Also, items stucked in between the outer tub and drum assembly can also cause a grinding noise when the washer starts spinning. It is very common to find items stucked in between the tubs, items such as bra wires which can also cause damage to the washer or other clothes washing theses things. If you can, remove the wires before washing. If you have this problem you will need a certified technician fix it for you since the tech would need to open the tub assembly.

To reduce this from happening you can use a wash bag for the samller items, this can prevent these items to get stucked between the drum and outer tub.

If the washer is a few years old then there's the chance the bearings are worn out, faulty, collapsed or just starting to go bad. When the problem is the bearings it is recommended to replace them as soon as possible, since hey can damage the other components in the washer. If you are sure this is the problem, you can minimize the loads to avoid further damage.

Stability can also cause excessive noise, especially where the machine is on a wooden or floating floor. If the suspension kit is defective, this can cause a loud noise too. To diagnose this problem check the following:

Noisy drain pump

Items clogged in the drain pump

Object stucked in the tub or drum assembly

Bearings defective, worn out or faulty

Washing machine unbalanced, not leveled properly

Faulty dampers or worn out suspensions

Unit unbalanced, poor flooring or bad installation

If youneed to fix your noisy washer you can call Mr Rogers Appliances and a factory trained technician will be there to help you repair your faulty appliance. 

Washer Issue -  Problem #4 - Washer drum not agitating

Usually when people encounter this situations, they think the problem is a faulty belt. It could be the cause, but most of modern washer machines don't use belts anymore. And since a different mechanism is involved in he agitating process, other components would need to be checked.

The cause for this problem these days is more liable to be the motor control also known as the speed control PCB.

Assuming everything else works these should be checked:


Speed control PCB or Motor Control board

Motor capacitor

Main control module

Motor Shorted

Door lock or Door Lid Switch

Mr Rogers is here to help you fix your washer. Call us now and schedule an appointment to repair your appliance in the Greenville, South Carolina Area. 

Washer Issue - Problem #5 - Washer timer not going through cycles

This is a very tricky one, since most of the times when he washer is not advancing through cycles people think the problem is with the timer, or  control board not working properly. So there's a high probability that even if you think the problem is the timer, you might be wrong.

Usually the timer will advance to a certain stage before stopping and that gives us a huge lead on diagnosis on what the actual problems is. The timer is like the brain in the washer, it control the others components, so when one of this components is defective, the unit will not advance into the normal operation. So the stage where the timer stops is a lead to know what the real problem is.

What this means is that almost any component could be the source of failure. If you're not sure,  we highly recommend you seek professional appliance techncian, if you spend $120 or more on a timer or board and you're wrong there is a high possibility that it will be non-returnable part.

If you're not sure about the problems with your washer call Mr Rogers Appliances and ask for a technician to visit your house and tell you what the real problem with your washer is. We offer a Free Service Call with the repair, so don’t think twice and call Mr Rogers now and get your appliance repair done. 

Washer Issue - Problem #6 - Washer not heating

This is very easy to diagnose, most of the times you will find a heater shorted, defective thermostat, thermistor or pressure switch but there can be other possible causes. Check if the following components are working fine:

Heater Assembly

Thermostat, Cycling and Hi Limit Thermostat

Thermistor, Sensor

Pressure switch / water level sensor

Timer or control PCB / module

If you couldn’t identify the problem by yourself you can call a certified washer technician to help you on that, or just ask Mr Rogers to send you a specialist to your home to get your washer working again. 

Washer Issue - Problem #7 - Washer is vibrating a lot

If your washer was recently installed there is a chance the shipping bolts were not removed. Check the owner manual to read instructions on how to remove them.

AIf the washer has been installed a time ago, the problem can be flooring or a bad installation. Most of the times would be a suspension problem. And of course there could be other componentnd involved. So check the following to identify the source of the problem:

Suspension Kit

Bearing failure 

If you need help to repair your washer you can Call Mr Rogers Appliances and ask a certified technician to assist you. 

Washer Issue - Problem #8 - Washer not spinning

In 20 years the washer belt was always blamed for this issue, bu there are no many washers that work with a belt these days. So a faulty belt is not a very common issue, though is possible.

See the previous "Washer Issue Problem #4 - Washer drum won't turn" as many of the problems described there can be mirrored to this problem.

But before proceeding remember very carefully, if the washer is not draining or not fully draining, most likely the unit would not go into the spin cycle. So keep in mind that this could be caused by a faulty drain pump too. But also check the following washer components.

Speed control PCB / main control board / user interface module

Faulty or worn out belt

Faulty contacts on timer

Capacitor shorted (when available)

Faulty motor, Stator or Rotor on Direct Drive Washers

Faulty shorted hall sensor

Drain pump clogged or drain pipe obstructed

Overloaded or out of balance, more noticeable when a bad installation or flooring

Worn out bearings

Door latch / Door Lock shorted

Faulty defective pressure switch

If you think the best option is to have a expert appliance technician check your washer, you can call Mr Rogers Appliances Repair service anytime.

Washer Issue - Problem #9 - Washer not filling water

First of all, check if there is water coming to the water valve.

AIf you checked and the water supply is properly installed, you might assumed the problem to be the water valve. But there are other components involved in this process, not just the water valve. There could be a defective pressure switch, or electronic components such as the main control board not supplying electricity to the water valve assembly. Sometimes it is assumed to have a faulty water valve, but if the appliance doesn't not start at all, the water valve will never be activated. So check the following components:

Water supply

Water fill valve

Pressure or Water Level switch

Control PCB / Main Control Board / Door lock

Get help from appliance specialists, call Mr Rogers to get a technician to help you fix your washer. 

Washer Issue - Problem #10 - Washer not cleaning properly

Nowadays with help of the Internet you can find tons of amounts of information to help you find ways of using the washer machine properly. You can find manuals yo help you with this issue.

You can search for washer manuals such as: 

How to use detergent correctly

Washer maintenance 

Overloading and the problems it causes  and how affects the performance.

If you can’t find any useful manual, you can call Mr Rogers Appliances and a certified technician will diagnose correctly your washer. Located in Greenville, South Carolina and serving surrounding areas such as Greer, Taylors, Mauldin, Spartanburg,Fountain Inn and others. 

Washer Issue - Problem # 11 Bad smell coming from the washer

AAfter doing an extensive research on Internet you might find that this problem is always associated with mould problems. Most of the times is caused by dirty door gaskets, or dirty soap dispensers. It can also be coming from the drain system, so the best for your health would be to have a technician run a full diagnose. 

If you feel like this bad odor coming from the washer is affecting your daily life, call us at Mr Rogers Appliances and we'll gladly help you.  

Washer Issue - Problem #12 - Washer machine lights flash but will not turn on

Most likely this is related to the Main Control Board and the User Interface. It could be a fault code trying to tell you something. Until you find out what this error code means you might not be able to move further. 

Mr Rogers Appliances technicians are very knowledgeable. Call us now and we will help you with your faulty washer showing a fault code. Call Mr Rogers and an appliance repair technician will be at your door. 

Washer Problem #13 - Washing machine leaks from the front

Perhaps one of the most common issues on a washer machine. So when you see your washer leaking, you need to call a expert technician to fix your washer right away before the water leak does more damage to your washer. First, check if the soap dispenser is broken or clogged. Keep in mind that if its clean water you might not be able to detect it due to its transparency. Some appliances will show an error code telling you there's a leak problem. 

Of course the door gasket or bellow can leak and, most of the time you would need to replace them. Also mold can build up and damage the gasket, causing a leak in the washer.So check the following:

Soap Dispenser and housing

Soap Detergeng Housing and tub hose

Door Gasket Below Boot

Door glass or Door Assembly

If you were not able to detect the cause of your washer leaking you can call a technician from Mr Rogers Appliances and ask for some help. 

Washer Problem #14 - Washing machine leaking from underneath

Another very common issue, and it could be anything. Water follows laws of gravity, so any component were water goes through could be the source of the leak. 

Drain pump leak

Drain Filter leak

Tub gasket leaking

Hose split kinked

Hose leaking (any of them)

Water pressure way too high

Heater gasket worn out

Door seal, bellow boot

Pressure switch or water level

Physical tub drum damage

Soap dispenser broken

If you need help to stop stop your washer leak call Mr Rogers Appliance Repair now. We service Greenville, Taylors, Greer, and Surrounding Areas 

Washer Issue Problem #15 - Washer  Dryer  Problems

Washer dryer combos are really complicated. As technicians we don't like them much, because they are very problematic. are, frankly, a nightmare in a white box. In general the technicians hate them as they are more problematic, harder to work on and have a tendency not to live up to the promises and people's expectations. So, if it's a performance issue that you're having with the dryer there's probably nothing wrong with it, they're pretty much all bad.

Remember that, in addition to the following, washer dryers share every fault listed for washing machines as well!

Actual condenser dryers are okay these days although the cheaper ones do tend to give more trouble than the better built machines. They are more complex though so if you're not sure, just get in a pro to look at it.

Heat pump dryers are specialist only affairs, we would strongly recommend that if you have a fault on one to not touch it yourself. 

Washer Issue Problem #16 - Washer not drying

A very normal situation you might encounter on a washer machine. It a very common issue but can be cause by multiple faulty components. So check the following:

Water valve Shorted

Heating Elemen Shorted

Cycling Thermostat or Hi Limit Shorted

Pressure Switch shorted

Drain pump defective

Washer not spinning properly, not fully draining water. 

 Washer Problem #17 - Washer dryer leaks on dry

This could confuse even the most experienced technician, but usually the problem would be one of these components:

Gasket Bellow Worn out or torn

Hose Kinked, broken, defective

Drain pump leaking 

Washer Problem #18 - Washer dryer noisy on dry

This one could be very tricky, so your best option would be to contact Mr Rogers Appliances to get an expert appliance techncian to help you. 


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